The “tipping point” for quitting smoking: A stop smoking news special report on carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar yields

Ready to reclaim your health and vitality? This is how. Let’s just OPEN THE VAULT. So…you’re a smoker or someone you love smokes and they want to stop – you want them to stop, but that seems like a bad joke, because the “quit methods” out there are pathetic and it’s never a non-stressful, perfect time to drop the habit. So what to do? Just open the vault. Open the vault. Which vault is that? The Tobacco Vault, of course, and information on over 1,000 brands of domestic cigarettes. Let’s open the vault on the Federal Trade Commission report from the 1990’s, when genetically modified tobacco came into play, and Big Tobacco got busted by Blue Cross Blue Shield for freebasing nicotine to make cigarettes thirty times stronger than normal natural tobacco. Yeah.

So what will tar and nicotine yields tell you? Everything. And what will the concentration of carbon monoxide tell you? Everything. It’s systematic that cigarettes break you down and depress you, stress you, fill you with anxiety and grief. It’s also systemic. In physiology, systemic means denoting the part of the circulatory system concerned with the transportation of oxygen to the body and carbon dioxide from the body in general. Systemic also refers to something that is spread throughout, system-wide, including the human body, or the economy, or society as a whole. Think about this. Tar and nicotine yields reveal a whole world of health destruction, environment destruction and motivation destruction. Cigarettes deconstruct what your mother (and father) gave you, and that is LIFE – and working, functional lungs, a heart and a brain.


Carbon monoxide poisoning (CO)
You’ve heard to never run a car or truck engine inside a closed garage. Everybody knows that, hopefully. But did you know that, according to a study at Iowa State University, a 90-minute ride on a metropolitan city freeway, like in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston or New York, produces EKG irregularities in 4 out of every ten patients with pre-existing cardiovascular disease? Even a properly tuned engine produces more than 30,000 parts per million (ppm) of carbon monoxide (CO) in the exhaust stream before it reaches the catalytic converter. Are you riding behind THAT in your car, sucking it in, or do you just light up a domestic cancer stick every 45 minutes? Because the level of CO coming out of the filter-end of a cigarette rivals that of the metro-city highway pollution – ranking in at 50 parts per million for heavy smokers, and that’s according to the exhale of patients.

Let’s do the math: Divide 30,000ppm by 50ppm and you get 600ppm. That means that after smoking 600 cigarettes, which is equivalent of 30 packs (20 cigs per pack), the average smoker is exhaling the CO equivalent to the stuff coming out of exhaust pipes of thousands of automobiles in the smog-filled expressways of the most crowded cities in the United States. A pack-a-day smoker goes through 30 packs in one month, and a two-packs-a-day smoker in just two weeks.

So what, you say, right? What’s the big deal with CO in cigarettes? Consider this: CO binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells 200 times more than oxygen does, so the heart has to do MORE WORK to supply oxygen to the body – linked directly to angina and heart attacks. By increasing the “stickiness” in the blood is a major factor causing chest pain. Do you have chest pain? Do you live or work in a busy city AND smoke? That’s a “double whammy!”

Tar, Nicotine and CO Poisoning – Yields from Domestic Cigarettes
These brands rank the highest in “tar” yield:

BRISTOL   27 1.7 16
COMMANDER   27 1.7 16
BASIC   26 1.7 16
ENGLISH OVALS   26 2.0 16
LUCKY STRIKE   26 1.6 16
OLD GOLD   26 1.8 18
PALL MALL   26 1.7 18
BEST BUY*   24 1.6 NA
BRONSON*   24 1.6 NA
GENERALS*   24 1.6 NA
GENCO*   24 1.6 NA
GPA*   24 1.6 NA
GRIDLOCK*   24 1.6 NA
PREMIUM BUY*   24 1.6 NA
PRIME   24 1.5 16
PRIVATE STOCK   24 1.5 16
RALEIGH EXTRA   24 1.4 15
SUMMIT   24 1.5 16
TOP CHOICE*   24 1.6 NA

Recognize any of these brands? They’re all pretty much the same toxicity. Which “tail pipe” is hitting your lips every 45 minutes? A pack-a-day smoker builds up 1 cup of tar in the lungs after ten years of smoking. One cigarette contains up to 100 milligrams of nicotine potency. The secret to quitting is first understanding what nicotine, tar and CO are doing to the body, the mind and the environment around the smoker. There comes a time to “move from the city” and change your ways. What will you do and how will you do it? There’s a natural method to quitting smoking that requires ZERO medication, no recurring fees and NO GIMMICKS either. Plus, it’s not a scam invented by Big Tobacco. Keep reading.

There comes a time in your life when you have to simply quit smoking and reclaim your health and life – that time is now
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