A “hip-hop” quit smoking FDA advertising campaign? Who cares?!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is spending $128 million to use “hip-hop culture” to convince young minorities not to smoke, all while they continue to allow Big Tobacco companies to freebase the tobacco so the nicotine is up to 35 times stronger – being inhaled as a vapor and reaching the heart and brain within three seconds.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is spending $128 million to use “hip-hop culture” to convince young minorities not to smoke, all while still allowing tobacco to be genetically modified with chemical pesticides to kill worms and beetles increase profit margins while sacrificing the central nervous systems of the humans who do smoke.

Since when does the U.S. government care about young minorities in inner cities? Is that why there’s a gun store, a liquor store, a porn video store and a tobacco store on every busy corner “downtown” and “uptown”?

“Fresh Empire” advertising campaign targets hip-hop culture pre-teens and teens ages 12 to 17

Will there be KFC buckets of chicken and Mike’s hard lemonade for sponsors, like at the fake-cancer-drives of Susan Komen “For the Cure” – like those campaigns? The campaign is being funded by tobacco taxes, so when the smokers buy their next pack of cancer sticks, they’ll be helping themselves die while possibly helping convince a teenager to drop the freebased nicotine cigarettes by airing the swagger and style of the hip-hop culture that’s TOO COOL for cancer.

“Hip-hop” quit smoking?! Nah – just another FDA “front” to look like they care

The latest “public education campaign” to prevent and reduce tobacco use among “multicultural youth” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is supposedly a marketed campaign targeting the “hip-hop peer crowd,” which is exactly what the peer crowd doesn’t want, to be stereotyped as users. And just HOW are they ALREADY EXPOSED to so many PRO-TOBACCO images and messages? Is that because the U.S. government won’t spend any money to clean up inner cities, ghettos and low-income areas? Is that because the current administration spends all its money on fake wars, like the wars on terror, cancer, drugs and gun-running?

Are the “hip-hop” teens of various ethnicities already exposed to SO MANY tobacco teasers because Big Tobacco has 45,000,000 Americans hooked on freebased nicotine that comes from genetically modified tobacco? We should all wonder now.

So then, why do more African American and Hispanic teens smoke or dip or vape or use pot, heroin or cocaine? Do they really? Can we trust FDA and CDC statistics, when it’s the vaccine scientists blowing the whistle on toxins in inoculations that cause autism in black boys at much higher rates than whites – research that was covered up for 10 YEARS by the CDC? How many kids are dead or maimed thanks to the CDC? Can we trust the FDA, that rogue agency that “fast-track” approves drugs with side effects like internal bleeding, thoughts of suicide and actual suicide? Tell us again who’s trying to help the hip-hop culture stay away from dangerous “drugs!”? The drugs that kill the most Americans yearly are the PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Maybe the FDA should run commercials and make billboards for THAT.

“Local outreach” is just a buzz phrase for FDA

Want to empower the at-risk peer crowd to live tobacco-free? Educate them about the chemicals in cigarettes and the power of organic food to fuel immunity, energy and feel-good natural hormones in the body that fight off depression, anxiety, fear and lethargy.

Avoiding smoking U.S. jacked-up cigarettes is not a creative or trendsetting endeavor, it’s commonsense and preventive care. The “Fresh Empire” ad campaign isn’t winning over any youth by spending over $100,000,000 to make kids who don’t smoke look cooler than those who do. Kids learn that in fifth grade. They know. They’ll challenge you by the time they reach middle school to “tell me something I don’t know.” “Fresh Empire” is more like a fresh waste of money, and to the tune of a hundred million dollars. Who really gets that money, Big Tobacco? Does Marlboro and R.J. Reynolds get their taxes back via tax havens, like those other monopolistic massive corporations, such as Walmart?

Most smokers start early – in their teens, because their parents or older siblings smoke and because they aren’t educated properly about the power of organic food to heal the body and to keep it out of harm’s way. Here’s the solution. Instead of mimicking teens who say, “I got this” or “break free,” why don’t we ace (get rid of) the super-expensive hokey commercials and educate them about the chemicals that Big Tobacco companies infuse into cigarettes and start a campaign to make it illegal? Next, we teach positive outreach behavior modification and start think tanks about how natural, organic food can change your life and transform troubled teens of all creeds into evolutionary beings!

 she breaks cig

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