Defy cognitive decline: Quit Cigarettes, Quit Diet Soda, Quit Eating Processed, GMO Food and LIVE TO BE 100!

What if you could boost, protect and prime your body for a long, long, healthy life, both internal and external, well over 100 years young? You can. You can defy “cognitive decline” and “getting old and brittle” with the TOP 8 ANTI-AGING power foods in the world! Also, you CAN defy aging by not consuming chemicals, and rather by consuming the top foods with anti-aging properties. People who drink fluoridated (tap) water get brittle bones from drinking fluoride, bleach and other contaminants. They need spring water to go with their TOP 8 PowerFoods. It’s time to connect yourself. Tune into the secrets of longevity – from cruciferous veggies to apricots and olive oil, you can tap the fountain of youth!

When you quit the most common chemicals, your headaches will go away, your muscle aches will go away (as inflammation dissipates), your brain fog will go away, you’ll be able to sleep better, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll NEVER crave junk-science or cigarettes again.


Here are my EIGHT SECRETS to longevity, energy, optimum immunity and clear thinking:


#1. The secret of the power of apricots to keep your body young is getting around quickly – Want to hear it? What’s the biggest food and drug industry cover up of a cure for cancer and the perfect fuel for longevity? Apricots – the organic ones. Why only organic? Because if you spray them with insecticide or herbicide, the nutrients are obliterated. The peach-like power-fruit packs a potent anti-aging punch full of carotenoids, some of the most powerful antioxidants that reduce that BAD cholesterol. Want to hit that home run with your cancer prevention strategy. Apricot seeds kill cancer cells without side effects. Our bodies convert the carotenoid beta-carotene into vitamin A. Say hello to healthy eyes and glands. It’s research proven! Apricots regenerate our body fluids. Their compounds help boost the immune system with a main function of protecting you from free radicals – the “killer sharks” of the food industry.



#2. POWER-FRUITS are all around you – at the fresh organic market – where berry phyto-chemicals and antioxidants protect the fountain of youth! Farmer’s markets, whole food markets, local organic farmers – these are the hubs of a long, healthy life for you in the form of colorful, powerfoods. Western medicine underestimates this cancer free way of living! Only kale and spinach can pack the values as high as fresh berries. Their colorful pigmentation is called anthocyanins and lower certain cancer risks while improving memory function! How about that? Plus, berries are chock full of quercetin, the flavonol that is an anti-carcinogen. These are the food warriors you need in today’s polluted food market full of GMO and pesticide-driven agriculture. Don’t sit back and let yourself “age.” You have control of your cognitive maturation and you WILL NOT let it become deterioration. You can find an extensive list of scientific studies on this – it’s just a click or two from here.


#3. Great skin and hair “stay with you” thanks to raw, organic olive oil! Who knows the best ways to look beautiful everyday? Say “powerfoods” too often around Americans and they’ll think you’re crazy. That’s because Western Medicine has misled millions into believing that getting old, wrinkled and “brittle-boned” is a normal thing. Most food no longer contains the “fountain of youth” nutrients that really “do the trick” of anti-aging.

Yet, Italians are know for their longevity – the way to age “gracefully.” Could it just happen to be because of their wider use of olive oil as a staple food in the “Mediterranean diet?” Well, yes, of course it is. This contributes you see! Organic olive oil is packed with health-forming fats available as omega-3 fatty acids. Oh, but don’t you go cooking it at high heat and killing all that goodness. Live food equals “live” human who can live past 100 very healthy and happy. Prevent cell destruction. Fight aging with extra virgin organic olive oil. Drop the chemical corporate skin care “products” that do just the opposite – apply olive oil. Put oleic acid to work for you. It’s your new healthy and natural “sheen” conditioner.


#4. Wild caught Alaska salmon – The “other white meat” and the best fish for your long, strong, healthy life. If you just “gotta” eat meat, do so of the wild caught fish that are not shot up with hormones or swimming anywhere near Fukushima, the leaking nuclear reactor in Japan. Wild salmon can give you that huge antioxidant boost. The salmon feed off nutrient-rich krill. It’s also anti-inflammatory, thus preventing a preventable condition that’s sweeping America. You’ll also be getting the mineral selenium to protect your healthy skin cells. Ward off the “sharks” in the ocean of free radicals and infuse your diet with a little bit of salmon once in a while. Make sure you get wild caught so the phytonutrient Astaxanthin isn’t destroyed by bleach or ammonia in the back of some corporate run seafood “outlet.” Astaxanthin is said to help give salmon their incredible strength and endurance for swimming against strong currents and even up waterfalls!


#5. Carcinogen-killer tomatoes reduce health damage done from smoking thanks to coumaric acid. Not only do organic tomatoes keep your skin healthy, they build strong bones. This is major in a country (USA) where most toxins in conventional food leach calcium from the body, leading to brittle bones, getting shorter with age, deteriorating discs in the spine and of course, arthritis and osteoporosis. Tomatoes are high in lycopene that protects your skin from too much UV sun exposure. Do you live with a smoker? You’re breathing in carcinogens then. Want to keep your “aging” at bay? Want to prevent cancer naturally? Maybe you just want to sleep better. Tomatoes are also high in vitamin A, just perfect for that “you’re just getting old” vision problem. No humans are meant to have 15 bottles of chemical prescription drugs next to their bedside when they become “seniors.” Humans shouldn’t need surgery, go blind, go deaf, get feeble, or ever need chemotherapy to kill their cells. Studies HAVE BEEN DONE to prove all of this, you know.


#6. Raw certified organic almonds are so healthy for you they were almost made illegal in the USA. Almonds are SO POWERFUL for ideal human health that the USDA and the Almond Board of California had to make it illegal for commercial almond producers to sell raw almonds in the USA. The law is that that must be “fumigated” with chemicals and cooked (until dead) all in the name of “safety.” They do the same thing to milk and most olive oils you find on the shelves of corporate America. Why this conspiracy? Because raw almonds are packed with hard-to-get vitamin E, and just one handful gets you half your daily needs! Researchers from several leading medical schools verified the health benefits for people over age 65. You see, when you’re 65, you can start collecting social security you earned your whole life, and the medical industrial complex doesn’t want THAT happening. Neutralize your free radicals, balance your central nervous system and defy the aging process with raw, organic almonds!


#7. Avocado is the “Food of the Gods” – find out how the smartest health enthusiasts are getting the best omega-3s on the planet. Sixty five years ago, America invented trans fatty margarine and processed hydrogenated oils for cooking. This was the bitter end for most people’s balance of healthy fats in their bodies, and hardly a soul knew why. The unhealthy balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids went out the roof, at a ratio of 20:1 or higher. Big Pharma knew they had a slew of millions of sick Americans on their way to the doctor for prescriptions. Chronic inflammation would be the culprit. Unless natural news enthusiasts got to be the wiser. Avocado is actually a top alkalizing food for humans, fueling longevity. The word is out and most people who know consume raw, organic avocado every day. You should try some “Food of the Gods” with lemon juice and sea salt. You may never go back to fish oil for your omega 3s.


#8. Organic cruciferous veggies and leafy greens encourage cancer cell death – and that’s a good thing! Way back during the time of the Romans, those with MEDICAL knowledge recommended crucifers like cabbage for treatment of health conditions. Cancer did exist back then, just not prominently, like in the USA now. The digestive tract is under constant attack from chemicals in foods allowed by the FDA. From food dyes to bleached white foods and from pesticides to herbicides, the gut and the cleansing organs are under constant bombardment by conventional toxins. Your reproductive system and your lungs would love you if you fed them organic cruciferous vegetables along with a healthy dose of organic leafy greens every day. Natural health EXPERTS tout leafy greens with good reason. You need to check your folate levels, your calcium levels, and your bone health. You CAN protect yourself against cognitive decline and prevent age-related eye problems. Shop your local organic farmers and find fresh cauliflower, kale, broccoli and cabbage. It’s a good thing to encourage cancer cell death!


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