Will you be having nicotine for your cigarette hangover?

Will you be having nicotine for your cigarette hangover? If you smoke a pack a day, you probably will. When you drink too much alcohol, you get a hangover. What’s a hangover, a child might ask. It’s dehydration (super thirsty here), inflammation (ears ringing here), chemical depression (think aspartame, MSG, ammonia, liquor, bleach, genetically modified pesticide and insecticide, etc), and the body is trying to detoxify first thing in the morning, that’s why your first urination contains so many toxins, or did you know that?

Ok, so some people will go ahead and have a new beer or drink of liquor or whiskey upon waking, because that too can quell or rid a hangover, yep, and that’s called hair of the dog that bit you. That’s where the saying comes from, because you get a little bit MORE of what kicked your ass and gave you that hangover, taking the brain and central nervous system back to the state of “escape” or buzz or whatever the drinker wants to call it–party mode maybe. In similar fashion, the smoker wakes up and lights up, and that cigarette takes away the pain of anguish that is on it’s way or has totally arrived, right after opening the eyes and lifting the head off that pillow to start “functioning” for a new day. And the first pee tries to rid the body of toxins, and the first deep breath becomes an extreme coughing and hacking frenzy, and sometimes some people smoke menthols to minimize that attack. Again, hair of the dog that bit you.

How to Cure the Cigarette Hangover in 60 Minutes, and Never Have Another Cigarette or Hangover from them–ever!

So you’ve been smoking cigarettes for how long, 8 years, 12, 20, 35? You’ve tried every way to quit and nothing works? You did quit once, but then you went back? We know–it sucks, and we sympathize. But you did it to yourself, and now, you will be doing something completely different all by yourself, and that’s quitting smoking. In sixty minutes you can accomplish everything everybody said you can’t, against “all odds” and despite what the CDC and the FDA want you to do, which is keep smoking, keep eating junk science food, keep taking pharmaceutical prescription “death sentence” medications and keep wondering where it all went so wrong.

What if you found out today about all the major toxins in cigarettes that give you that cigarette hangover and drive you to the next cigarette, and what if you found out the addiction is actually to the pesticides in cigarettes, not so much the nicotine, which is just your “aspirin” relief medication for your HOURLY chemical hangover?

What if you found out today that you engage in several behavioral rituals that you can basically continue if you just “tweek” them a little bit? Sure–that hand to mouth habit could be raw organic nuts and seeds instead of that dreaded cigarette. Sure–that breathing ritual where you draw a long inhale, hold for a second or two, and release while thinking positive thoughts could be done without a cigarette-why don’t you try ten long “drags” of fresh air right now? Do it. We’ll wait. Sure that change of scenery can go on, so go outside at work every hour when you would have had a cancer stick and instead just appreciate what you’ve been given, a beautiful body and mind.

What if you found out today you could get that “rush” that you get from nicotine from NATURAL SUPERFOODS like maca, mucuna, dark organic chocolate and more? You could simply eat some each time you would have had a smoke. Feel that rush of REAL energy, of real positivity, and view your day, your week, your life as a blessing instead of some curse or hangover that you just wanna snap out of “as soon as possible.” You WILL be out of the loop, the vicious cycle of the chemically-induced hangover. You will be a health enthusiast and people will ask you questions and challenge you about it, because they will feel your energy and want some. Just tell them what you did. It’s that easy. Start now.


Watch the trailer presented by Mike Adams for the natural method to quitting cigarettes within 14 days. It’s a simple 60-MINUTE COURSE that’s sweeping the nation–called 14AndOut.

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This article is based off the knowledge you will obtain from the 60-minute course and the strategies for staying smoke-free for life. Enjoy!


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