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08/19/2017 / By S.D. Wells

Here’s a dirty little secret that hardly a smoker on planet Earth understands: An acidic body keeps smokers depressed, stressed,

04/29/2017 / By Amy Goodrich

We all know smoking is bad for us, yet millions of people still smoke. According to the Centers for Disease

01/23/2017 / By Martin Mavis

How to detox smokers lungs:

01/23/2017 / By S.D. Wells

Are you living in a chemical matrix? Do you think the commercials on television for medications are real? Are you

01/06/2017 / By Ethan Huff

In case you were wondering what’s next on the government’s prohibition list, the answer is tobacco — at least in

01/01/2017 / By Howard Roark

Secondhand smoke is hazardous not only for non-smoking children and adults, but for pets as well. A new FDA Consumer

04/25/2016 / By David Rice

Sweating is a form of detoxification and there may be no better place than the sauna! There’s not really an

04/22/2016 / By David Rice

It’s a mental quit first. Get your mind in gear. Get it ready. Get it wrapped around the notion that

04/19/2016 / By David Rice

Firesafe? Fire safe?? Really? Fire safe cigarettes create even MORE lung damage. The real rationale for the creation of fire

04/18/2016 / By David Rice

Have you tried this new scam, Zonnic nicotine gum? Guess who it’s made by? Yep, Reynolds American Inc is the

04/15/2016 / By David Rice

Put on your complete HAZMAT suit and step slowly and carefully … into the mad, mad world of the domestic

04/14/2016 / By David Rice

One Major Purpose: Whatever your belief system, religion, creed, or culture – your body is a beautiful, amazing, masterful machine

04/12/2016 / By David Rice

Hello, smokers around the world. Big question: If half a million dollars in cash was on the table and you

04/11/2016 / By David Rice

The following are breaking revelations and cures for ending cigarette addiction and controlling your weight. Invaluable research has been done

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