Foods that end cigarette addiction – the TOP 8 SUPERFOODS listed here!

People who smoke cigarettes, drink diet soda, eat conventional meat, consume dairy and eat bread often suffer some of the worst anxiety and depression of all people on the planet. It is not hereditary, genetic or a chemical imbalance in their brain. It is not due to their “way of looking at things.” Millions of people like this are taking anxiety medication or prescription drugs for depression. Allopathic doctors in America go to school for 8 years to learn how to write prescriptions, but these “meds” apply chemical medicine to a “chemical food intake” problem, and it never works. In fact, prescription drug deaths outnumber deaths from traffic accidents.

Think about this for a second: If you were to take some common household cleansers and pour them on a piece of bread – say, a little bleach and some ammonia – and then you were to eat it, you might die. If you added some pesticide (ant and roach killer) or herbicide (weed killer) to that equation, the paramedics would certainly have to pump your stomach out to save you, and you would be lucky if you didn’t have detrimental health effects from it for the rest of your life, which might be shortened severely. Your central nervous system could be devastated, and you would not be the same. If you burned up the epithelial tissue inside your body, you could get cancer from the damage AND from the pharmaceuticals that the allopathic doctors would prescribe to TRY to treat the symptoms.

Welcome to America, where most people do exactly what was just described, except they eat chemical FOOD agents and additives, including GMOs, and they infect their bodies slowly while doctors remain “clueless” about the remedies. Well, except for Naturopathic Physicians – they know what to do. They know exactly what to do to treat anxiety and depression. First, they will ask you what you have been eating, not only today and yesterday, but last week, last month, last year and maybe for the last decade. Then they will tell you what to never eat again. And then they will tell you what to eat to cure ALL preventable diseases and disorders that are so commonplace in the USA and other developed countries – that consume processed food, genetically modified food and people who drink fluoridated, chlorinated, medicated tap water.

The problem with tap water, meat, milk, gluten and artificial sweeteners

Life delivers many “curve balls” – surprises that might stress you out, or make you anxious, or even sad. These are normal emotions. Never let a doctor tell you that you need medication for your normal emotions. When life throws you “curve balls,” you have to step up to the plate and swing! Don’t be afraid of change or even failure – after all, if you try and try and try – eventually you succeed, and that is a great feeling. The first thing to do in order to relieve general anxiety is to closely examine everything you put in your mouth and on your skin and make sure you are not ingesting chemicals. The FDA allows over 70,000 food “agents” that are actually toxic to invade our food supply, and the personal care product industry goes virtually UNREGULATED.

Quotes and mantras to keep you on track to perfect health and ZERO anxiety:

  1. If you can’t eat something, you shouldn’t be using it on your skin.
  1. If a product contains ingredients that you can’t pronounce, you probably should not be eating it, drinking it or putting it on your skin.
  1. Artificial sweeteners are just that… ARTIFICIAL! Never eat food made in a laboratory, and that includes everything GMO!
  1. Nearly all gluten, corn, soy, canola, cottonseed oil and sugar beets are GMO; in other words, they largely contain pesticide and herbicide in the seeds, the plants, the oils, and it can’t be washed off!
  1. Fluoride (hexafluorosilicic acid) is horrible for human health. The dentists and public officials who push it on the public as healthy are committing acts of atrocity. Never drink US tap water and don’t brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Tap water contains a DRUG that goes entirely unmeasured.

What ARE the PROBLEMS with MEAT and MILK?

These foods often contain drugs that are given to animals so they will get fat or produce more eggs or milk. Human hormones have a delicate balance and when you eat artificial growth hormones and the like, you are messing with that balance. This leads to depression in not only the animals given the hormones but the ones eating those animals or their byproducts. Did you hear otherwise? That was the meat and dairy industries lying to you then. No other animal on planet earth drinks milk past infancy or from another animal – did you know that? Do you wonder why?

As for the meat, all that your body wants are the amino acids, but to get to the “protein,” your body must BREAK DOWN the meat, which usually contains toxins, and spend hours on this job. During this process, your immunity to other pathogens, carcinogens, bacteria and viruses is lowered and becomes vulnerable. You can skip the MEAT STEP by not consuming meat. You don’t need it. You can get all that protein from leafy greens, raw organic nuts and even organic protein supplements. You must research superfoods now and learn about building immunity and getting ultimate nutrition without eating foods that breed depression, anxiety and nervousness.

You can eradicate free radicals from your system with organic fruits and vegetables. If you quit smoking recently, your body may be craving nutrients that were depleted from your system for years. If you drink soda, stop now! Phosphoric acid and pesticide-laden corn syrup kill your good bacteria in your gut and wreck your health. You must find balance for your physical and mental health daily. Feed your organs when you wake up, not your “mouth” or “stomach” what it may be “whining for.” Feed your organs spring water, organic foods and superfoods. Here is a great resource for superfoods, if you are not familiar yet. This should be worked into your daily food regimen, for sure!

Superfoods make you smarter and eliminate anxiety!

A cognitive map is a mental map, model or representation that helps code, store, recall and even decode information regarding attributes of everyday phenomena. This includes metaphorical spatial environment. These maps are also mental representations of physical locations, helping humans and animals find their way by recalling important features, like back-tracking your way out of a maze. They provide insight into worlds where humans have sensory deficits or physical handicaps – think of the blind navigating their way through familiar territory. Also, unimportant information is often excluded, so a cognitive map can be very different from an actual place. Cognitive maps can be constructed for spaces as small as your bedroom or as large as planet Earth. They are utilized in child psychology and emotional counseling. These conceptions also mature with us. Cognitive mapping evolves. Where does YOUR mind “go,” and what are the “routes” you’re taking? Could you also eliminate mental obstacles? Think of your brain as a huge tree, with thousands of tiny branches, and they all have leaves, which are like your new experiences that need watering. Your context via interaction with your environment designs the maps of physical, mental and spiritual realms. Highly nutritious food is the fuel and a major part of this to consider now.

Switch to organic!

“Junk science” is the study of food that makes people addicted to certain flavors and excitotoxins that disrupt your central nervous system. The entire fast food industry is based on junk science – full of refined, processed GMO sugar and animal byproducts. The corporate money-making machine churns out cognition-killing foods that breed preventable diseases. This dampens all thinking, energy and your motivation.

Best “brain foods” available…

Organic ginger: The brain-boosting properties of ginger register off the charts, according to research published in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine. Volunteers were given standardized ginger extract, 400 or 800 mg/day. The researchers documented “considerable increase in memory, while brain oxidative stress was reduced,” as reported by Carolanne Wright for Natural News. Another study discovered that ginger root minimizes damage from MSG neurotoxicity.

Chlorella and spirulina for pure protein! According to the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, a brilliant scientific food investigator and nutritionist, chlorella and spirulina are the most “astounding food sources on planet Earth.” Most people have no idea that spirulina contains 12 times the digestible protein of beef. A phytochemical found in chlorella is known to remediate nerve damage in the brain and nervous system. Plus, chlorella is used in the recovery of patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Organic beetroot juice: A relatively new study published in Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry, a peer-reviewed journal, is the first to link consumption of nitrate-rich beet juice to increased blood flow to the brain. Many studies have revealed that it lowers blood pressure, but now we know that it also increases “perfusion” – or blood flow to the brain. Just make sure the beet juice you consume is organic and non-GMO!

Organic curcumin: Want some brain food that protects against diabetes and arthritis? Studies published in Experimental Gerontology found that curcumin, a health boosting compound found in turmeric, improved vascular health in aging lab mice by ameliorating arterial stiffening. The mice experienced no oxidative stress according to scientists.

Celery, cabbage and spinach: High concentrations of nitrates are found in leafy green vegetables that turn to nitrites thanks to good bacteria in the mouth. These help blood vessels increase oxygen flow, specifically to places that are lacking oxygen!

The ultimate “goodbye” to cigarettes forever…

For the ultimate “goodbye” to cigarettes forever, check out the Natural Method that’s recommended by the Health Ranger and the world’s leading nutritionists, called “14AndOut – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days.”

“When you stop smoking for good, the process is physical and emotional. There is much more to quitting than just breaking the nicotine addiction, including behavioral patterns and nutritional deficiencies that must be addressed. You need modern solutions to ‘modernized’ problems.” — SD Wells, Investigative Reporter for

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