Organic tobacco – who knew it’s an AMAZING way to quit smoking

What’s the hardest part of quitting smoking? The first 14 days (2 weeks). Why? If you’re trying cold turkey (quitting all of a sudden with zero cigarettes), then nicotine withdrawal symptoms may be tough to conquer, especially during the first 3 to 4 days, since that’s when the real physical and chemical addiction exists. One of the main reasons people are addicted to nicotine is because it temporarily relieves them of the “cigarette hangover” from the chemicals in the last cigarette–like pesticides, ammonia and bleach–that make you feel uneasy, nervous, anxious, stressed or depressed, or all of the above. However, ORGANIC TOBACCO contains none of these chemicals – so for the first week of quitting, you should limit yourself to 3 (self-rolled) organic tobacco cigarettes. Check your local pipe/tobacco/smoke shop for organic tobacco – and use rice or hemp papers to roll them – this avoids bleach that’s in white papers. You see!

Get some YouTube video help if you don’t know how to “roll yer own.”

Let’s get practical and personal

Week One: You get three cigarettes per day of organic tobacco only, rolled in rice or hemp paper. Get a rolling machine if you don’t know how to roll or don’t want to learn. No excuses here!

machine org

Week Two: Next, for the second week of quitting (the other half of the hardest part), you will be filtering common chemicals from your daily intake, as follows:

Drink only spring water–do not drink tap water or soda at all.

Do NOT eat fast food or microwave oven cooked meals.

Avoid all gluten (yes, that’s most bread and pasta and wheat)

Avoid ALL artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, sucralose, saccharin and sorbitol (yes, nutrasweet, equal, splenda,  sweet-n-low, all that junk)

Do not drink alcohol

Find organic vitamin B complex for your CNS (central nervous system) balance

Eat organic produce!

Results: Day One: The 10,000 taste buds on your tongue start to make a major come-back right away, so go taste something sour or pungent – like fresh lemon or lime juice, or maybe a fruit you haven’t ever had before, maybe try star fruit or goji berries! Find one new recipe on line (guys don’t be scared), and make something tasty at home tonight. The flavors will be poppin!

Day two: Clean out your ashtrays in your home, car, office, porch, deck, and throw away any trash that has to do with cigarettes, including magazines, cartons, matches, old wrappers, and clean up cigarette buds from the yard, sidewalk, driveway, gutter, etc.

Day three: Wash all of your clothes, sheets, pillow cases, and towels. Your sense of smell is returning in full force. You want to smell the scent of cleanliness on you and in your home.

Day four: Come up with an easy workout plan, one you’ve never done before that’s simple, not too tiring, but not too easy either. Just enough to groan, gripe and sweat a little. You won’t believe how much more energy you’ll have with each passing day!


Organic tobacco – who knew?

 tobacco final

This is your cigarette escape plan. Don’t let anyone steal it from you or convince you otherwise. This is a natural plan. No meds, no side effects, no crazy withdrawals.

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