In the news: Cigarettes have attached themselves to you!

Get your health out of the gutter in three months. We know who you are. You’re “hard core” because you, well, you are a smoker. You take chances every day. You live “on the edge” because it’s your M.O. – part of your method of operation. It’s how you “get by.” You don’t have patience for change, and you don’t have drive for health improvement, and there’s a clear cut reason why. Somebody is FINALLY telling the truth about cigarettes, so you’ve stopped to listen. We got the experts. Natural health journalists and reporters contributing to the betterment of mankind, of “woman-kind”, of child-kind. Everyone deserves a healthy life – as it is in this case, by choice. You didn’t inherit cigarettes from your parents, even if they did smoke. Drop the crutch, the lie. You haven’t quit cigarettes because THEY haven’t quit YOU. Let’s take a closer look at why you haven’t QUIT cigarettes–the REAL reasons:


Cigarettes have attached themselves to you …

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Cigarettes have attached themselves to you by delivering over 100 mg. of nicotine to you without you even thinking you were getting more than about 10 to 20 milligrams.

Cigarettes have attached themselves to you by crippling your central nervous system so that you DEEP DOWN BELIEVE that nicotine is the only thing that can rescue you from your cigarette hangover anxiety (those desperate moments before you smoke but after you already realized you need to badly).

Cigarettes have attached themselves to you by demanding you “savor the moments” when your emotions are controlled synthetically and artificially by something that cuts 10 to 20 years off your life.

Cigarettes have attached themselves to you by invading your system with mutated DNA thanks to genetically modified tobacco and chemical herbicide.

Cigarettes have attached themselves to you by crippling your immune system, making you feel weak and in need of your “nicotine savior.”

Cigarettes have attached themselves to you by mechanisms that control the firing of synapses in your brain, the neural impulses that help you make decisions, feel confident, want to achieve, and the desire to have a clean machine (body and mind). Cigarettes control your thoughts. They also end life decades early, in horrific fashion. Un-attach from cigarettes. It’s in your best interest to start now.

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Breaking News: This just in: 6 million people will die this year around the globe thanks to cigarettes. Call it “The War on Cigarettes” and everyone wear brown, to symbolize the color of the inside of the smoker’s lungs. Cigarettes are an attachment, beyond just an addiction. They represent a distorted culture of sickness and negativity, from which half of all smokers wish they could escape. One can UNATTACH from cigarettes by starving them of their fuel. Fuel for cigarettes is toxic food, toxic medicine and more cigarettes. Cut off the fuel, release the attachment. This is a key strategy for natural cessation. This is simple knowledge you can take with you on your journey to ideal health. Knowledge is power. Now that you have it, do something with it. Make it a self-obligation to be the most awesome you can be each day. It’s easy. Start now. No more “attempts” at quitting. It’s time to be SUCCESSFUL. This is your success quit. You will not have to “try” again. This is your cigarette escape plan. Don’t let anyone steal it from you or convince you otherwise. Get your health out of the gutter. All your cells will be renewed in 90 days. Think of that!

This is a natural plan. No meds, no side effects, no crazy withdrawals. To preview the secrets of the natural program, watch the free trailer presented by the Health Ranger himself, Mike Adams, Editor and Founder of 14AndOut–Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!

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