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Nearly fifty percent of smokers surveyed recently said they smoke for relaxation, because it calms their nerves. Most of the other half said it gives them some “pep” or a “boost” and that helps with attitude, planning, talking things out, work, and so on. Some people take short and fast drags to get some “pep.” Other smokers take long, slow drags to calm themselves down.

Long puffs, short puffs–it’s all still just artificial stimulation that poisons your lungs and liver

So then, ask yourself, do you smoke because your nerves are “fried” and you need them to settle down for a few minutes just to cope? Or is it that you have zero motivation, feel lethargic, a little useless, and maybe even depressed, and this hard core drug mixed with herbicide weed killer and pesticide bug killer is the way to cope, in the meantime, until something “bigger” comes along to “distract you” or make you quit smoking, like cancer, diabetes, heart disease or a stroke, where you can’t use anything on one side of your body, including your arm, leg and mouth. Artificial stimulation is just that, it comes from synthetic and chemical sources that break down your MOTIVATION and WRECK YOUR NERVES so you’ll keep smoking weed killer and bug killer. Hey, the cigarette industry can call it “herbicide,” but there’s nothing “herbal” about lung or liver cancer. Get with the natural program. Swallow it “whole” starting now. Here’s a blueprint plan for success:

Do-it-yourself detox and regeneration ­– Top 6 practical methods:

Lifestyle changes are in order as a foundation for any recommended remedies to have significant and lasting effects. Use Natural News to get up-to-date with food information. The best way to avoid most chemicals, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), excess sugar and bad salt is to eliminate junk and processed foods and sodas. Minimize meat, dairy and wheat to reduce excess mucus. Adding ginger, onions, garlic and cayenne helps eliminate excess mucus as well. Exercise more outdoors, away from traffic if possible. Breathing exercises can be used to help strengthen lung tissue. Yoga offers some, and there are others as well. Natural News has a plethora of information here (

Eliminate household toxins that are part of detergents, cleansers, bleaches and chemically scented “air fresheners” ( There are many chemical free substitutes available at health food stores, even Target has a few on hand. Ditto for cosmetics and bodycare products. Buy only aluminum free deodorants for starters. Pesticides must go as well, and there are alternatives that aren’t toxic for humans ( All toxic commercial pesticides emit caustic gases or vapors (off-gassing) that irritate the lungs.

Improve your indoor air, which can be even worse than outdoor air. Try to replace carpeting with other flooring or at least vacuum and steam clean often. Beware of furniture or clothing that’s been fire proofed. Flame retardants off-gas carcinogenic compounds. You may want to look into commercial air cleaners ( Or simply get some nice indoor plants that add life to your dwelling while removing toxins (

Herbal remedies for lung issues are abundant. You’ll need to determine which type of herb is appropriate for your situation. Antitussive herbs reduce respiratory spasms; expectorant herbs loosen mucus; demulcent herbs sooth irritated tissue; and antimicrobial herbs resolve infections. Here’s a good overall guide for respiratory healing herbs ( Licorice root is one that pretty much covers all those attributes. It can create side effects for some because of its glycyrrhizin content. But licorice extract products are available with the glycyrrhizin removed. This is known as deglycyrrhizinated licorice or DGL licorice. Lobelia, ironically known as Indian tobacco, helps clear the airways for easier breathing. It even works for asthma attacks (

Detoxing is necessary for any regeneration or rebuilding. Eliminating or reducing your toxic load relieves your immune system and allows the process of growing new tissue to occur. Foods such as chlorella and cilantro consumed often can help detoxify heavy metals, especially from the liver. Make sure you drink plenty of purified fluoride free water and find ways to sweat more. If you can, use a far infrared sauna somewhere; you’ll have the best level of sauna. But conventional sauna’s still do the job.

Serrapeptase enzymes are very powerful enzymes capable of eating up scar tissue, heavily calcified tissue or hardened mucus deposits. It provided a dramatic turn-around for a British emphysema patient a few years ago.

Knowledge is power

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Knowledge is power. Now that you have it, do something with it. Make it a self-obligation to be the most awesome you can be each day. It’s easy. Start now. No more “attempts” at quitting. It’s time to be SUCCESSFUL. This is your success quit. You will not have to “try” again. This is your cigarette escape plan. Don’t let anyone steal it from you or convince you otherwise. This is a natural plan. No meds, no side effects, no crazy withdrawals. To preview the secrets of the natural program, watch the free trailer presented by the Health Ranger himself, Mike Adams, Editor and Founder of 14AndOut–Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!



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