Cigarettes burning up your money? When stress hits, we have many, many solutions …

No problem is too small for a cigarette, when you’re addicted. Oh the stress, it weighs so heavy at times. It could be mental, physical, or worse, both. It’s usually both. Then the emotions kick in, either right after the cigarette or when in DIRE need of one. Electricity bill just came and it’s too damn big this month? Cigarette break! It’s un-stress time. Just had a small argument with your spouse, roommate, coworker or boss? Smoke break! Almost got in an auto accident on the way home from work? Light up a cancer stick. Just came out of a movie at the movie theatre? Smoke a cig, or maybe a stogie or some nic-loaded vapor. Just got the relatives to leave your home after a long stint? Take some drags from a nasty habit. Getting ready for a job interview. Pack that pack and pull one out. Somebody stole something from you? Cigarette. Lost $100 gambling? Light one up. Girlfriend or boyfriend just broke up with you? Coffin tack!

We know. There’s absolutely NO WAY OUT of the vicious, repetitive, insidious cycle of feeling like total crap from smoking chemicals to instant relief in 3 seconds from when you exhale your first drag of a powerful cigarette, namely all the big name US commercial brands of cigarettes, listed from MOST popular to LEAST popular, all of which contain more than 4,000 chemicals including insecticide.

eiffel cig

Top 10 Cancer-Stick Brands (Scam Artists) to date:

#1. Marlboro

#2. Camel

#3. Lucky Strike

#4. Newport

#5. Pall Mall

#6. Dunhill

#7. Winston

#8. L&M

#9. Benson & Hedges

#10. Parliament


(A big “ooops” goes out to Kool, Kent, Phillip Morris and Rothmans – you didn’t make the list. Maybe you forgot to freebase your nicotine with ammonia, so you have much less addicted nic-fitters – hard to tell, huh?)


Top 10 Natural Solutions to Nicotine Cravings

so You can STOP burning up your money …

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Hey smokers, here at we got your back! We know what it means to want relief from stress, or a little pep for a job interview, or the gym, or some hiking adventure, or a swim in the ocean, or a vacation “reward.” We know, trust us. So here’s what you do when you quit smoking and you won’t even crave cigarettes – for one because they’re so dang nasty, and the other reason is you’ll feel the same relief when you eat superfoods, drink super beverages, and take super supplements. Here we go:

  1. A bill shows up in the mailbox that’s too big? Eat some dark organic chocolate! You’ll feel un-stressed, happy, and fix the problem, probably the same way as if you had smoked a cancer stick. Happy rewards!
  1. Just had a small argument with your spouse, roommate, coworker or boss? Eat some goji berries or drink some goji juice.
  1. Almost got in an auto accident on the way home from work? Take some maca powder, mix it with some frozen blueberries and some almond milk. Drink up.
  1. Just came out of a movie at the movie theatre? Take a few of your mucuna supplements and wash it down with some spring water.
  1. Just got the relatives to leave your home after a long stint? You ate some junk food, maybe some birthday cake and you’re feeling guilty. Never even consider a cig … no, just go juice some organic vegetables in your new juicer!
  1. Getting ready for a job interview? Drink some of that organic fruit smoothie you made and brought with you for the car ride in a nice glass jar. Cool and refreshing! Ahhhhhh.
  1. Somebody stole something from you? Drink some coconut water and get over it. It’s gone. Lock it up better next time or don’t leave it on the table at the coffee shop!
  1. Lost $100 gambling? Drink some cold spring water, it’s cheap, perfect, and will help you realize everybody does really dumb stuff once in a while. Forgive yourself and move on. Next time, invest that $100 by buying some organic supplements, like medicinal mushrooms and clean chlorella!
  1. Girlfriend or boyfriend just broke up with you? You need to balance your central nervous system. Take some organic vitamin B complex supplement daily ’til you find someone else special.
  1. Feel a sickness coming on? Take some organic vitamin D3 supplement and boost that immunity 100% right away!


Hey, life’s hard. Get a helmet! We don’t have ALL the answers, but we have MOST of them! Don’t waste another penny on cancer sticks. Get with the raw, organic,whole food program and “swallow it whole.” The world’s top health enthusiasts are on your side now. Make cigarettes a thing of the past, and never regret it, just laugh at the fact that you fell for a scam, but now you’re better than that!

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